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1-4-04-HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Sorry I havnt had time to update my site. My comps been messing up and ive been busy with Christmas and all. I havnt added anything yet but im working on an Evangelion vid, a Grave of Fireflies vid, and an Akira vid, and i plan to have them all up before the end of the month. Finaly I plan to get rid of all my DBZ music videos because they are old and bad. So if there is anyone who wants me to keep one up or wants an old one sent to them just contact me by e-mail, aim, or on my forum. Till next time!

11-12-03-Added a new FLCL section and fixed the New DBZ section.

11-5-03-K. I added a new shaolin soccer vid, and a new Trigun vid wich was made to a song requested by a fan (so send more ideas, i acctualy do them some times) Besides that im still trying to get the winning contest video up, altho im having trouble because I lost the guys e-mail and AIM. Thats about it. Oh i also made a hellsing vid but im not sure if ill get it up.

10-27-03- Added a new section....kinda. After about 4 or 5 months of no DBZ videos i finaly made one. But since it over-shadows my older videos ive added a section called "New DBZ music videos" Also i entered an online AMV contest at http://sohmastudios.topcities.com/index.html . Not sure if i won yet, but i thought i would advertise for the site anyway. It has one of the only contest ive seen that dosnt judge on footage quality. Also I finaly judged the contest i had and you can expect the winner to be up soon. Finaly I am Joining a studio with another AMV maker the studio is called "Lucid AMV" so i will have a lucid amv logo at the begining of my vids for now on.

10-13-03-Added another Trigun vid, another kenshin vid, and video made by a friend of mine's that is realy good.

09-28-03-Added new FLCL section

09-21-03- I found the coolest movie ever. Shaolin Soccer. If you havnt seen it i sugest you do, it has tons of action and special effects, and its hilarius. Anyway i made a music video to it so its on the site. .

09-07-03- Finaly got windows movie maker 2 (wich is 100x better than windows movie maker) So you can expect the qualities of my videos to rise. Unfortunatly i dont have all my new videos up yet because Tripod changed so that i cant add as many pages. Also I would like all to know that now that because of the limits of my pages i can only add small files so if you want a higher quality version of anoy of my videos talk to me on AIM and ill send them to you.

08-23-03-Finaly got around to updating. Added an FLCL (Furri Kurri....Fooley Kooley....i dont know) section. Also curently saving up to buy the Hellsing DVDs so expect some hellsing videos in the future. Also i would like to remind every one who reads this that I HAVE A FORUM. POST IN IT!! Ok thats it for now.

07-26-03- Added a new better forum. Check it out. Just click on the link.

07-12-03- I added a few Trigun videos. Also recently i found a cool anime called Iria. I sugest it to anyone cuz its pretty cool. I plan to make a few videos to it so look for those in the coming months. Finaly sorry for the delay in judgeing the contst videos, a couple of the people who are helping me judge are having comp trouble so i wont have the winners up for a while. In the mean time Im trying to think of another contest i can do.

05-19-03-Added a Jin-Roh section.

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I finaly added a video to my site that isnt mine. This video is one of the best FLCL videos ive ever seen, made by Friend of mine, definitly worth a look.

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